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"Ace Softel Pvt. Limited focuses with an intensive rate on the development of systems mainly in the areas of Protocol stack development for 3G Mobile. Ace Softel Pvt. Limited continually improves its products and at the same time it develops new ones"
Welcome to Ace Softel Pvt. Limited
Our portfolio of courses are developed utilizing the latest blended learning and delivery techniques that offer unrivalled development opportunities. Courses and training programs have been designed to meet the needs of individuals and corporate seeking a broad understanding of a range of modern wireless communications systems, networks and programming. These courses provide a solid understanding of telecom technologies, networks, protocols and a comprehensive knowledge about telecom solutions and supporting technologies. Student's Feedback
We are growing at a fast pace as a leader in the telecom stack domain and offer a wide spectrum of protocol stacks and solutions to the companies worldwide. We offer communication software products in the telecommunication domain, with offerings in SS7, GSM, GPRS, UMTS/3G, as well as in VoIP. Keeping strict telecom focus since our inception ensures that a very high degree of concentration in research and development is maintained. Corporate's Feedback